What Remains of Us – Susan Vera Clarke


‘What Remains of Us’ is a three plate Etching and Carborundum and is a direct ghost print of ‘This is Us’. The imagery comes from studies and research into the fragile ecosystems that are our Coral Reefs and the severe loss that our Oceans are experiencing due to increased ocean acidification and warming.

This is a Monotype Print and therefore not reproducible. A deliberate choice made by the Artist to reflect the delicate temporality of Acropora (Coral).

Etching and Carborundum Monotype

Paper Dimensions: 46 x 47cm
Image Dimensions: 30 x 30cm

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About the Artist

Susan is an East London based Printmaker who makes work that responds to narratives including Science, Environment and Ritual. These themes blend between each other with some playing a more critical role than others however, they’re all inherently linked together. Susan is fascinated by the environment around her, not just locally but globally, and this becomes the birthplace of her work. The complexity of life is the catalyst for a chain of thoughts which culminate in the end print and through that process is a ritualist series of events. The production of the print negates the style and tone of voice, and it is through this, Susan’s practice feels more scientific. Her methodic but blind approach to making these marks, akin to a scientist.      

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