Sitting Ducks – Adam Hogarth


Made during the Cornona virus lock-down, this print used my research/collection of masks to inform existential and wider collective fears as the virus began to establish as a pandemic.

Paper size: 60 x 60 cm

Image size: 60 x 60 cm

Framing available upon request.

Edition of 5

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About the Artist

Adam’s work is multi-disciplinary; however, it is firmly rooted in print. He uses etching and particularly screenprint processes as a conduit to articulate ideas. Adam is interested in notions of auto-destruction, often creating social commentaries entrenched in politics, art history, commercialisation and community. Adam’s works can appear comically biting, cynical and sometimes cruel, yet at their core is humour, hope and bewilderment at human language. Adam’s current body of works is titled “The Future’s Forgotten Rituals” which chronicles a series of communities that hang onto existence 900 years after a global and environmental catastrophe. This work documents the ritualistic behaviours of these communities involving mask-wearing and the idolising of found photographs.

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Dimensions60 × 60 cm
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