Purdown Takeover – Theadora Ballantyne-Way


‘My recent body of work explores the absurdity of misinformation on the internet, as our conversations move increasingly online where they become exposed to and influenced by more extreme outlying voices. Much of my work reflects the narratives of misinformation I have witnessed on social media, using humour as a means of resistance against the barrage of imagery and the noise of rolling news coverage. Using traditional printmaking processes, I aim to probe at our sense of perception with the textures and marks of screenprint and photoetching to produce a false sense of legitimacy, one that is at odds with most contemporary image production.’
Impractical tower blocks pepper our cityscapes. Plans are drawn up for breakthroughs in construction allowing architectural design to finally catch up with the essential forms that have blessed our kitchens for decades.
Paper size: 70.7 x 100 cm
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About the Artist

Theadora is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in print and video. She has recently completed her masters in print and has a studio at Estate of the Arts.

In much of her work mundane utensils become monumental industrial components, a transformation that elevates them into objects of aesthetic consideration and bizarre emblems of middle-class terror. Her enlargement of these objects are not a critique of consumer habits but a celebration of the surreal – a playful conceit on the rich history of the English pastoral.

Probing at our sense of perception, her use of the textures and antiquated processes of traditional printmaking, produces a false sense of legitimacy, one that is at odds with most contemporary image production.

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