Plymouth Civic Centre, Pink – Adam Garratt


Screen Printed in Acrylic on to two sides of a piece of Monarflex (plastic tarpaulin sheet).

The Monarflex is reclaimed from a building site so the surface bears the scars of its use. The prints contain holes, debris, mud footprints & creases.

Paper Dimensions 51 x 63cm, each print varies slightly.
Edition of 9

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All prints are sold unframed unless otherwise stated. More details in 'Additional Information' below.

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About the Artist

Much of the labour in Adam Garratt’s practice comes from screen printing onto the woven plastic of Rubble Bags, Tarpaulin or Sand Bags producing a quality of images that shows the printing process’ relationship with the surface of the material. The prints tell the story of the images but also tell the viewer about the process and material. Adam’s printed work often looks like newspaper print, a useful visual device as when displayed that quality filters out into the gallery and adds a subtle layer to the work.

Printing allows Adam to become an integral part of the process of making, artist as machine.    

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Dimensions51 × 62 cm
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