Nautilus – Susanna Widmann


This photopolymer explores further the idea of a dream, a surreal landscape, an image inside another image. A subject matter that merges into another becoming something else. This time the work feels more introspective and intimate, the Nautilus is a mysterious creature, the lilies are the thoughts that allow the animal to move and survive. The flowers are like thoughts and dreams they need to see the light and grow outside the shell to let the animal thrive.
Paper Dimensions 25cm x 17.5cm
Image Dimensions 24cm x 17cm
Edition of 10

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About the Artist

For Susanna, printing is Magic. She draws using a Bic Biro because of the texture and how it translates afterwards when printing. Especially on Photopolymer because of the variety of tones that can be achieved as well the amount of detail you can transfer and, even when drawing on the softest of papers, you can still appreciate the grain and the textures of it. Most recently, Susanna has been experimenting with Chine Collé to add colour, create layers and subtle textures – fascinated by the endless possibilities of Printmaking. Susanna works with the dreamy and the surreal, and fascinated with old Encyclopedia engravings especially those related to Fauna and Botanics.  

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Dimensions25 × 17.5 cm
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