MUSEUM OF LOST OBJECTS Exhibit 3, Pebble, Cardigan Bay, Wales – Fiona White


Taking fragments from daily life this ‘collection’ turns the familiar into something more precious and less real, exploring the tipping point between comprehension and misunderstanding; the gap between fact and fiction.
Inspired by the altered worlds of architects, designers and makers, this work acts as a reminder to the things we take for granted. With the growing reality of climate change, these pieces become even more poignant.
Currently only available unframed. If you wish to get the work framed (see exhibit 1 images) the frame itself becomes part of the work. It becomes the display case, as if a piece of furniture, and the work itself becomes the object to be revered and treasured. For further framing information please contact us directly.

Paper size: 46 x 46cm

Edition of 20

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About the Artist

Fiona is a printmaker / maker / illustrator. Her work explores the tipping point between comprehension and misunderstanding. Taking her influences from the altered worlds of designers, architects and makers, her work is about ambiguity and the hierarchy between fact and fiction.

Current projects include MUSEUM of THINGS WE TAKE FOR GRANTED and HUMAN LANDSCAPES. Both play with the inexactness of information and how we ‘read’ an image. Trained as a designer, she always starts a project by drawing the ‘real’ world to reinvent it to make stories. Taking fragments of daily life she uses screenprint to turn her observations into something less real, enabling the language of our imagination to interpret what we see.

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