Made for the NHS – Thank you!

Made for the NHS - Thank you! - Discover Contemporary Art Prints & PrintmakingIt’s hard to believe that Made for the NHS has finished a week ago today.

I headed into this without any expectation and with only a handful of artists to start with, and I still can’t believe we finished with 33 artists, 172 pieces of artwork and 54 orders from all over the UK and from the US and China.

In the end, we raised £1550 (+£387.50 gift aid, all donated) for NHS Charities Together, and £1000 for the artist crisis fund which we are still working on.

It has been an extraordinary experience – to witness people’s goodwill in this very strange time, and I hope everyone involved feels less isolated for being part of this event. It gives me a lot to think about, and helps me refocus on what I would like House of Prints to be.

I have a background of working in visual art in rural communities, and I’m always keen for House of Prints to have a social remit while maintaining its financial independence, let’s hope that balancing act would pan out.

I would really like to thank all the artists who have taken part in the event – for their promotions of House of Prints and the event on social media and other networks, it’s invaluable, to say the least.

And to all the customers who have so generously supported us through their purchases – every purchase you made have some people extremely happy and you really made a difference for everyone!

Please take care and more to come soon!


Find out more about the origin of Made for the NHS here.