Charitable fundraising event for FareShare 19.11 – 05.12.2021

19 Artists, Over 80 Prints, a minimum of 20% donation to the charity.

2021 has been a unusual year for many people, it’s a year where you have got some of your old rhythms back while adjusting to some of the new normals. ‘Share’ is a keyword for us in 2021 – and a word that has been used so often, especially in social media terms, we often take it for granted. As the festive season approaches, we thought it’s an ideal theme to conclude the year and to celebrate the connections and strength we build through the act of sharing – space, thoughts, studios, meals, home, you name it.

A minimum of 20% of all sales in this event will go to FareShare – a wonderful charity that collects unwanted/surplus food from supermarkets, food producers, hospitality industries, etc, and supply them to other charities including food banks. Their remit is to reduce food waste while also helping those living in difficult circumstances.

We also found out that one of our artists Simon Tozer‘s partner, Katie, volunteers at FareShare SouthWest based in Bristol, and she’s shared with us some of her personal experience with the charity:

I’m really glad that FareShare is being chosen for this next House of Prints event. I volunteer one day a week with them in Bristol. it’s a big operation. The need for food in Bristol is enormous, and the amount of good food that would otherwise be wasted is also enormous. FareShare quietly and efficiently through the work of many volunteers and a small number of paid staff, is feeding hundreds of hungry people every week here.

-Katie Wallis

Helen from Mexico

Volunteer tutor on RefuAid’s Language Programme

I relate to this Wuon-Gean Ho’s Twenty Twenty on a personal level very much. What it says to me is that this woman who has come home to her own calm, cocooned space after many different struggles, and is finally at peace with herself and her environment. For those with an unstable sense of home for so long, safety and security in a place all of one’s own is invaluable, and, particularly for women, something so many of us dream of. A place where we can be at peace, alone, protected. When I see this image I think of comfort, an appreciation of the solace that the mundane can bring, and the freedom to live one’s own life in the way one chooses.

I also love Butterfly Ocean by Trevor Price. There is so much going on in this picture that relates to the search for a home. It references not only the very real physical struggles of people trying to find safety by boat, but symbolically represents the malestrom of life for many displaced people who dream of finding a place where they can just be. The butterflies represent the souls of the dead, those who fell by the wayside and did not achieve their dream, while the swirling of the waves beneath the boat represents the currents that bear us along our journey. The boat is a cocoon of safety in which we may find the companionship of fellow voyagers who share our goal, even though we may come from different cultures and contexts, represented by the multitude of images on the bodies of the travellers and the suggestion of linked hands, just out of view.

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Catherine from the UK

Volunteer Tutor on RefuAid’s Language Programme

I love Mandy Wong’s Celebration Dance – it’s what life’s all about! We ride waves, which are sometimes huge and overwhelming, sometimes fun and manageable and sometimes flat and dull. The monsters represent the very different kinds of people we rely on to get us through. Some are small and quiet, some loud and wild – I love the eccentricity and the idea of life continuously moving in all directions.

My quote for this picture would be – “the different people we choose to share our life with carry us through different wild and rough times”

Wuon-Gean Ho’s Twenty Twenty is how I am in my own home. The lady looks comfortable and warm in her cosy, safe home. She has everything she needs – tea, light, water, warmth, somewhere to sit in peace and is surrounded by her personal belongings.

“Peace at last” – I would say.

Maisie from the UK

Equal Access Loan Officer, RefuAid

I have chosen Lenny Lane’s Winter Shadow II as one of the pieces that I liked best! It reminded me of my time during lockdown. I found that taking a daily walk allowed me to clear my mind and process the uncertain situation. It reminds me of home and my time trying to appreciate the little things.

I have also chosen Lily Bank’s Seaside – I love to spend a day by the seaside with my family and would often find ourselves sitting by the seaside until the sun has gone down. Some of my favourite memories are of my family and I sat by the sea having a picnic. It reminds me to think about the good times that are to come.

Share - Discover Contemporary Art Prints & Printmaking

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