About House of Prints

House of Prints was founded on a strong belief in the intrinsic value, artistry and craftsmanship of original prints.

Through expert content covering printmaking techniques, locations, artists and collectives, as well as behind the scene and personal stories, House of Prints provides a platform for people to discover, experience, appreciate and collect original prints.

Our carefully curated shop presents a selection of original prints from some of the most interesting contemporary artists in the UK – from emerging to established, all passionate about what they do. You will find artists using the most ancient technique of woodcut to those producing their work assisted by the latest innovations.

We hold regular special events to support charities, with a selection of House of Prints artists as well as guest artists who work in other media.

If you would like to know more about the story behind the special events, you can read about it in our journal.


We believe in the physical and personal connections between a piece of artwork and the artist who made it, their ideas, stories, concerns, as well as their craftsmanship.

We are always interested in learning more about our artists – from those who were originally trained in classic techniques to many installation artists, and sculptors who work with prints as their secondary medium. We are fascinated by what enticed them into the art form, and why they chose particular techniques – a conversation that always brings out the passion in the artists and us.

Many of our artists also run workshops and courses, so please do check their profiles if you’d like to experience printmaking with your favourite artists.

We continue to have conversations with our artists – and new artists and uncover new work and techniques and other stories, and you will find them in our artists’ stories and our journal.

About - Discover Contemporary Art Prints & Printmaking
About - Discover Contemporary Art Prints & Printmaking


There’s no place better to understand and appreciate printmaking then print workshops and studios. Many artists work in communal printmaking workshops, and in our upcoming locations section, you will find some of the most credible print workshops in the UK.

Many of our featured locations run workshops and courses for the public, and some have an exhibition programme.

We encourage you to visit them, and to experience and enjoy printmaking – watch this space to find out more!

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