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Artist FAQs

Last updated: 16/04/2020


Due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to simplify our process until 31/01/2021. Artists will be responsible for dispatching the work – within the timeline stated on the artist agreement. Full payment of the artists’ share plus postage will be paid as soon as a receipt (with tracking details if applicable) was submitted.

Exceptions may be agreed in advance between artists and House of Prints. This process will be reviewed by 31/01/2021.

Joining House of Prints

Is there any cost to join?

There’s no upfront cost at all to join House of Prints, and we wish to continue this. There is a standard commission of 30% of all work sold on House of Prints, which is subject to review in September 2021.

How does House of Prints select its artists or work?

House of Prints aims to build trusting relationships with the artists it works with, and vast majority we will have gone out to meet or have worked with before. When we have artists express interest in joining us, we would always try to meet the artist and visit their studio if we see the potential of working together.

Some artists also came from our trusted partners – House of Prints Locations. Those are established printmaking studios who would recommend and suggest artists they work with.

For most artists, we would favour work made within three years before the submission. We also prefer each artist has at least six pieces of work available on House of Prints at any time.

Why doesn’t House of Prints ask me for any images or details of my work on the sign-up form?

If you are invited to join House of Prints and were sent the sign-up form, we would already have met you or seen your work at an exhibition or art fair. Once you have completed the sign-up form, we will then work with you to select the pieces of work to be on House of Prints.

Information of those selected work will be collected using a separate portal – which you will also use in the future when submitting new work to House of Prints.

I sell my work via my website/other websites too, would that be a problem?

It won’t be a problem for House of Prints. House of Prints aims to promote contemporary printmaking and original prints. If a customer comes to House of Prints and ends up buying your work elsewhere, we would still be happy that you now have a new fan! We would love to hear about this and wouldn’t expect a commission.

However, we do require that work available on House of Prints to be priced the same as anywhere else where the same piece is available – with exception of time-limited special offers.

How It Works

Artist FAQs - Discover Contemporary Art Prints & Printmaking

Stock, Sales and Payments

Will House of Prints keep my stock / store my work?
In most cases, no. When a piece of work has been submitted to House of Prints, the artist agrees to keep the work in a safe environment.

I sell work elsewhere too, how does it work in terms of stock management?

All artworks on House of Prints will only be available one at any time – no matter the edition number or the overall availability. One of the key conditions of submitting a piece of work to House of Prints is that you have immediate access (within your suggested date of dispatching) to at least one piece in the edition.

We will also check stock with you bi-monthly or when a piece of work is sold – whichever is more frequent. However, artists are required to inform us as soon as possible when an edition is completely out of stock.

In rare cases when we are unable to fulfil an order, due to artist failing to inform us that the work is out of stock, we will need to review our relationship with the artist.

How does the sales process work?

When we receive an order of your work, and the customer has paid in full, we will notify you about the sale, and send you the 50% of your part of the payment.

For example, if the piece sold is priced at £200 on House of Prints, the customer will pay to us immediately the full price + delivery cost (which is a standard flat rate on House of Prints). The artist’s share of the sale would be £140 (after we have taken the 30% commission), so we will send you 50% of the £140, which is £70 before you dispatch the work.

Once the customer has received the work and is happy with their purchase – either through direct contact from them, or when the 7-day free return window has closed, we will send you the other £70.

Would you offer discounts to customers?

We value your work and we also try our best to ensure that your works are priced appropriately, so we won’t normally be offering discount or special prices.

If House of Prints offers a site-wide promotion – e.g. 10% of £1000 total spent across multiple artists, we will absorb that discount in our commission.

For example, if the piece sold is originally priced at £200, but the customer received a 10% discount as a site-wide promotion, making it £180 to them, the artist’s share will still be £140 (70% of the original price).

If you propose a discount of your work to House of Prints, e.g. buy any two of your pieces and get 10% off, and House of Prints agrees to the discount, then your artist’s share will be 70% of the final discounted price.

For example, if one of the pieces sold is originally priced at £200, but the customer received a 10% discount offered by the artist, making it £180 to them, the artist’s share will be £126 (70% of the final discounted price).

Delivery and Insurance

Who is responsible for sending the work?

Simply put – House of Prints and the artists are both responsible. We trust our artists to pack their work securely and use House of Prints branding where possible. We will arrange a courier to collect your work from your collection address on an agreed date – the courier will bring all labels including the delivery address.

If you’d prefer to drop-off the delivery to a courier collection point, you will need to agree with us in advance and be responsible to print and label the package for delivery.

Who is insuring the work in transit? And what if it arrived damaged?

All packages are insured to their full value in transit by House of Prints, but you will be responsible for the insurance between your home/studio to the courier collection point if you choose to drop-off the work.

If there’s any damage in the delivery process, House of Prints will try and resolve the issues with the customer and the courier. This may cause a delay in your second payment while we work out the liability of the damage.

What if a customer wants to return a purchase?

We know it is a bit deflating to get a return request – it rarely happens but it’s not impossible. Although we endeavour to make sure we communicate your work with our customers as accurately as possible, it doesn’t rule out that customer may find the work not quite what they expected.

All items sold online are subject to Distance Selling Regulations (DSRs), and we offer customers 7-days return for a full refund, giving they have packaged and returned the work in its original condition.

Once you have received the return, checked the condition and are satisfied with the return, we will refund the customer immediately and you will have 14 days to refund us the first payment.

We will regularly consult our artists about the operation process of House of Prints and review all guidelines above.