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At House of Prints, we aim to promote the art of printmaking, and provide a platform for people to discover, appreciate and collect original work.
We believe in the intrinsic value, artistry and craftsmanship of original prints.
Our informative online platform offers expert content on printmaking techniques, studio locations, artists and collectives.
Through our curated shop, we bring handmade print to both experienced collectors and new audiences who appreciate unique artwork and are interested in buying original work for their home.

Our Ethos

More than just selling
House of Prints aims to create and grow a new audience for printmaking;
House of Prints will always be supportive of the development of individual artists;
For at least the first two years, House of Prints will only include artists whose work we have seen in person or had endorsed by trusted partners.

The Website

House of Prints website will include 4 key elements:


Engaging, well-illustrated information about printmaking and its various techniques, as well as links to additional resources such as guides on paper stock, caring for prints and framing;


Featuring artists, collectives/organisations and their work, and each artist will have a profile page;


A map and listing facility showing locations where people can learn and experience printmaking;


Feature articles on artists, events, exhibitions – all things printmaking!

Get Involved - House of Prints
Get Involved - House of Prints

The Shop

Featuring artists, collectives and their work, and each artist will have a profile page.

The House of Prints shop will be highly curated in its content, and also user-friendly for its users.

We stand by the principle of only working with artists who we have met or endorsed by one of our trusted print studios.

We also hold special online events regularly, fundraising for charities.

Aiming at attracting new collectors, the shop will not only present a story for each artist and their work but also give as much practical and technical information as possible – from techniques to framing options and paper stocks.

The Locations

A map and listing facility showing locations where people can see original prints and experience printmaking.

Visitors to our website will be able to find locations relevant to them, based on the type of workshops or events each location provides, which printmaking techniques they can accommodate and the location’s accessibility.

Each location will also have the opportunity to make a selected number of works available on House of Prints, and there is a future plan to include event and exhibition information for each location.

Get Involved - House of Prints

Planned Full Launch: Summer 2020

Join Us

Being part of House of Prints does not involve any setup cost, if you are interested in being part of this as an artist, collective or a location, please get in touch: or click on the button on the right: