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Graham Black is a silkscreen printmaker based in St Buryan, Cornwall. His affinity with West Penwith’s rugged coastal landscape underpins much of his work.
Simon uses screen print to make atmospheric images of the sea and coast. The theme of much of his work is our relationship, both emotional and physical, with the natural world.
Jemma’s practice researches into industrial decline exploring spaces that have been abandoned and left to fall into disrepair. She is interested in recording our heritage before it is obliterated from our landscapes and our past culture becomes lost.
Adrian Holmes is a printmaker devoted to Japanese printmaking and sosaku hanga. He fell in love with this medium whilst living in Japan.
Wuon Gean works in print, artist’s books and animation, and exhibits widely, as well as participating in residencies in the US, Canada, China, Italy and the UK.
For Susanna, printing is Magic. She draws using a Bic Biro because of the texture and how it translates afterwards when printing.
Rachel Duckhouse works on research-based projects which often begin with sketchbook drawing and culminate in process led experiments in the print workshop.

We believe in the physical and personal connections between a piece of artwork and the artist who made it, their ideas, stories, concerns, as well as their craftsmanship.

We are always interested in learning more about our artists – from those who were originally trained in classic techniques to many installation artists, and sculptors who work with prints as their secondary medium. We are fascinated by what enticed them into the art form, and why they chose particular techniques – a conversation that always brings out the passion in the artists and us.

Many of our artists also run workshops and courses, so please do check their profiles if you’d like to experience printmaking with your favourite artists.

We continue to have conversations with our artists – and new artists and uncover new work and techniques and other stories, and you will find them in our artists’ stories and our journal.