Much of the labour in Adam Garratt’s practice comes from screen printing onto the woven plastic of Rubble Bags, Tarpaulin or Sand Bags, producing a quality of images that shows the printing process’ relationship with the surface of the material.
Adam’s work is multi-disciplinary; however, it is firmly rooted in print. He uses etching and particularly screenprint processes as a conduit to articulate ideas.
Adrian Holmes is a printmaker devoted to Japanese printmaking and sosaku hanga. He fell in love with this medium whilst living in Japan.
Most Colin’s recent prints are combinations of linocut and screenprint and his subjects are often those of ‘traditional’ wildlife imagery.
Within both mediums Ellie explores ideas around space, focusing on liminal spaces. The architectural language of spaces such as corridors, thresholds and boundaries create places of transition in our everyday lives.
Grace Hailstone’s work is rooted in the subject of surreal and imagined landscapes – caves, volcanic lands, and geological forms, often linked to lived experiences and memories of places.
Graham Black is a silkscreen printmaker based in St Buryan, Cornwall. His affinity with West Penwith’s rugged coastal landscape underpins much of his work.
Helen Anne Taylor is a printmaker working in Lino and woodcut, often combining woodcut prints with hand-colouring in watercolour.
Jemma’s practice researches into industrial decline exploring spaces that have been abandoned and left to fall into disrepair.
Themes in Lenny’s work are generally inspired by places he has been, or the natural environment, which is a constant source of influence.
Lily Banks is a North West based illustrator with an enthusiasm for printmaking. Themes frequently explored in her work include modern architecture, botany and natural forms.
Lina Avramidou works primarily in Printmaking and Book Arts. She experiments with image and structure to create limited edition bookworks and prints.
Liorah Tchiprout is an artist and recent graduate based in London. Her work is concerned with belonging, girlhood and the theatrical.
For her whole life, Mandy has enjoyed dreaming up all kinds of creatures from all kinds of worlds.
Naomi’s works juxtapose personal encounters with visual material drawn from cinema, fashion media, domestic interiors and landscaped locations.
Rachel Duckhouse works on research-based projects which often begin with sketchbook drawing and culminate in process led experiments in the print workshop.
Rosalind’s practice is strongly influenced by her immediate surroundings. She uses commonplace imagery to organise the pictorial space, using forms that occupy and give perspective within the substrate.