A Postcard from Parga – Lily Banks

In our Postcards series, we ask our artists to write us a ‘postcard’, in form of a few words and an image, from a place that is of significance to them and their work. This time we feature Lily Banks.

My postcard is from Parga, Greece.

Parga is situated in the region of Epirus in the northwest of mainland Greece. As much as I love to travel, Parga is the magical place that I return to since 2004 and will continue to do so for as long as I can. My affinity for the locals, food, language and perfect combination of mountains and sea leaves me longing to be there whenever I’m not.

My sketchbook accompanies me on every visit, where it probably receives the most attention. A lot of my prints originate as drawings created in my time here and I always come back with a wealth of material to take to the print studio.

Greece postcard, Lily Banks, 2020, collaged with screen print

Greece postcard, Unique print, Lily Banks, 2020, collaged with screen print

Greece also has a great significance to my practice as my interest in modern architecture subtly influences my work often, this can be seen through my use of lines, grids & geometry. Many of the principles found in Modern Architecture originated from classical architecture such as Athens’ Parthenon. This evolution fascinates me so much, that it was the topic of my dissertation.

Greece will always be a rich source of mindfulness & creativity for me and for that I am very grateful. Ευχαριστώ Ελλάδα!

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